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Stem Wall Repair Before & After in Gilbert, Arizona

This family, down in Gilbert, Arizona, was struggling with Corrosion problems in all over the stem wall. The concrete stem wall was cracking in all directions until they called Arizona Foundation Solutions to put an end to their foundation problem once and for all.

Concrete Lifting in Flagstaff, AZ

After years of settlement problems, this house down in Flagstaff, AZ, decided to take action. After some research, the homeowners got in contact with Arizona Foundation Solutions to get a long-lasting and efficient solution. The foundation specialists first inspected the property to identify the cause of the settlement issue. After the evaluation, it was determined that the underlying soil was to blame. The soil was unstable due to the high clay content, which caused the foundation to settle unevenly.

Concrete Crack Stitch - Tucson, AZ

The owners of this Tucson home removed the existing flooring to discover a few cracks in the slab.  Using crack stitching, we are able to rejoin the two areas while also allowing for some movement to occur.

Crack Stitch Concrete Repair - Tucson, AZ

This home had a few areas with interior slab cracks.  We were able to crack stitch the area using a composite interlock method

Crack Stitch Concrete Repair - Tucson, AZ

This Tucso, AZ home had interior cracks in the kitchen and the living room. The homeowner inherited the home from his parents and isn’t sure it was last worked on. He contacted us to get his foundation issues fixed. Our team of professionals did an outstanding job, you can’t even tell work even done! The cracks were filled with a two-part poly.

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