Why Hire A Certified Specialist?

Certified Foundation Repair Specialist®

Foundation Repair AssociationWe are the only Certified Foundation Repair Specialist (CFRS) in Arizona! 

This benefits you the consumer three ways by ensuring this company is:

  1. Knowledgeable About Foundation Repair Products
  2. Conforms To A Standard of Ethics
  3. A Helpful Partner

Those qualifications include:

  • One who has shown superior knowledge in the foundation repair industry and a dedication to the ideals of the FRA.
  • The CFRS has a minimum of two years experience in the foundation repair industry in either foundation evaluation, estimating or field supervision.
  • The CFRS is an employee of an FRA member.
  • The CFRS cannot have a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude.
  • The CFRS has passed a rigorous examination covering various topics pertaining to the foundation repair industry and to the Foundation Repair Association, Inc.
  • After being designated as a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist® the CFRS must maintain employment with an FRA member and complete at least 8 hours of continuing professional education each year.

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