Job review from in Flagstaff, AZ 86005 on 10/30/15

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

The only things I found myself not liking about this project were not AFS responsibility. Not having any idea how long the permit would take makes any kind of scheduling difficult, both for you and your customers, but that should improve with time. And, of course I'm not particularly happy about using up essentially my entire remodel budget just to get to the starting point. I'll have to put off some of what I wanted to do, but overall I'm happy with where I'm at -- Thanks

Our Overall Service
Comparing to other businesses I've interacted with lately, you've done the best in essentially every way.
Call Representative
As someone who prefers email contact (less chance of miscommunication) I'm happy with both phone and email contact in both directions.
Our Office Staff
Alexis was my main contact and I found her to be courteous, professional and appropriate whether on the phone or through email. If anything, she might be a little too "can we get this finished yesterday?".
Sales Process
Ryan presents himself more as a consultant than a salesperson (great). He seems to understand homeowners like me aren't happy about picking up the tab for things that should have been handled by the original contractor, code inspection, insurance, etc. He used his experience to suggest options and work I was able to agree needed to be done without having to wade through a bunch of fluff add-ons.
Our Installation Crew
David made it pretty obvious he knows what he is doing and he and his crew are interested in doing the best job they can. They were all pleasant, courteous, professional, apparently trustworthy and the work was accomplished faster than I expected. They even offered help with a few small unrelated tasks of mine while they had their equipment available. The only mistake I saw made was bugging me again about allowing my picture to be used after I already told sales that that wasn't going to happen.
The Cleanup Process
I rated this at the top because of the crew's willingness to do more than they did. My usual luck gave us rain about 6 hours early so we ended up with a wet clay muddy mess both outside and inside mixed with the concrete dust from crack stitching. With the work I still have to do, they did more cleanup than I'd expect an installation crew to do. This job didn't have a need to put things back in the original condition, and they even explained that they were required to do some things that I told them not to worry about.

What made you choose our company:

My house has always had a cracked kitchen floor. The prior times I've looked at getting it fixed the contractors I've talked to all left me unsure they actually knew how they should fix my problem (and could never afford the estimates anyway). I saw an AFS truck in my neighborhood one day when I happened to be thinking about replacing my carpet, etc. That prompted some web research, etc., which left AFS the best candidate for me to contact for Flagstaff work.

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