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I had worked with Arizona Foundation Solutions before. They had installed a moisture removal system as a heaving remediation solution.

During my renovations, I noticed a crack in the foundation that was a little more than 1/16 of an inch wide. I felt comfortable fixing it myself. However, I wanted it done professionally and have it backed by a transferable warranty. Therefore, I decided to go the with Arizona Foundation Solutions.

The person handling the actual repair was Tom Linear. I was very impressed by his commitment to doing the job right even before the start of the job. The original bid was different from the work that was actually needed since I had just completed removing tile to reveal the extent of the damage. I shared this change with Tom. He assured me that all would be handled. He also warned me about the limitations of the repair. Part of the crack was in close proximity to the wall. Due to this and the need for even more, possibly unnecessary work, this part of the crack would not be stitched. However, the work would still fall under the warranty.

I was blown away by his skill, knowledge, patience, and willingness to not only listen to my concerns and answer questions but actually teach me me the techniques so I would feel comfortable doing it myself in the future if needed. Tom is an excellent teacher.

As mentioned previously, the scope of the project was changed. He performed extra work that was not in the original contract and would not fall under the warranty, and was done without expectation of extra charge.

I cannot say enough positive things about Tom. He is passionate about his work and is willing and able to share it with others. As a result of his visit, I not only have confidence in the repair that was done, but I also have confidence in myself to be able to apply similar fixes in future. Tom, thank you so much!

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