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Yasel Acosta

Arizona Foundation Solutions

Title: Mechanic Assistant
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Yasel Acosta from Arizona Foundation Solutions

Yasel Acosta is a valuable member of the Arizona Foundation Solutions (AZFS) team, contributing his skills and dedication to the Fleet Maintenance & Fabrication department as a Mechanic Assistant. Hailing from his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, Yasel brings a local perspective and a strong work ethic to the organization.

With a tenure of 4 months at AZFS, Yasel is relatively new to the company but has already made a significant impact. His enthusiasm for his role and the company is evident in his own words, "It's all right. I like the work I do here, and I also like getting a lot of experience." This positive attitude and eagerness to learn and grow are qualities that define Yasel's approach to his work.

Beyond his professional life, Yasel has a creative side that shines in his free time. He enjoys drawing, showcasing his artistic talents, and dedicating time to creating visually appealing and imaginative works of art. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Yasel finds joy in spending quality time with friends, emphasizing the importance of strong personal connections and a well-rounded life outside of work.

A fun and intriguing fact about Yasel is his dual passion for drawing and baking. Not only does he create beautiful artwork on paper, but he also indulges in the art of baking, treating friends and colleagues to delicious cakes that leave a lasting impression.

Yasel Acosta is a testament to the diverse talents and passions that make up the AZFS team. His commitment to excellence, willingness to learn, and creative spirit make him an essential part of the company's success. Whether he's fine-tuning machinery or crafting culinary masterpieces, Yasel brings dedication and a positive attitude to everything he does, embodying the spirit of Arizona Foundation Solutions.

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