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Marisel Garrobo

Arizona Foundation Solutions

Title: Human Resources Manager
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Marisel Garrobo from Arizona Foundation Solutions

Marisel Garrobo, hailing from Phoenix, AZ, has swiftly become an invaluable asset to the Arizona Foundation Solutions (AZFS) family in her role as the Human Resources Manager. With just one month under her belt, Marisel's impact is already resonating positively throughout the organization.


With over a decade of industry experience in Human Resources, Marisel's expertise is seamlessly integrated into her role, ensuring the development and well-being of AZFS's most valuable resource - its team members. Marisel's commendable leadership extends beyond her professional contributions, as her testimonial reflects the warm reception she received from the AZFS team. The work/life balance, coupled with the team's unwavering dedication to excellence, has made her transition seamless and fulfilling.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Marisel finds joy in exploring new horizons with her husband during their travels, creating cherished memories. She also takes delight in spending quality time with her grandchildren, infusing her life with boundless laughter and love. A unique aspect of Marisel's persona is her passion for vintage automobiles, showcased by her ownership of a 1977 Buick Regal Lowrider aptly named "Lowrider Beauty." This emblem of her passion underscores her appreciation for craftsmanship and individuality.


Marisel Garrobo's commitment to fostering a harmonious work environment and her alignment with AZFS's vision, mission, and values position her as a pivotal advocate for the team's growth and success. Her diverse interests, coupled with her extensive experience, make her a cherished member of the AZFS family, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will continue to create in the years to come.

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