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Before and After Pictures from Apache Junction
Apache Junction Stem Wall Repair

Apache Junction Stem Wall Repair

Before After
Apache Junction Stem Wall Repair Apache Junction Stem Wall Repair

This Apache Junction home, built in 1987, had a portion of Stem Wall that was beginning to crack & spall.  

Concrete Stem Wall Repair in Apache Junction, AZ

Concrete Stem Wall Repair in Apache Junction, AZ

Before After
Concrete Stem Wall Repair in Apache Junction, AZ Concrete Stem Wall Repair in Apache Junction, AZ

The concrete stem wall on this single family brick home was crumbling, flaking and spalling. This typically happens as a result of rebar oxidizing and failing from the inside out. 

Concrete Repair Services down in Apache Junction, Arizona

Concrete Repair Services down in Apache Junction, Arizona

Before After
Concrete Repair Services down in Apache Junction, Arizona Concrete Repair Services down in Apache Junction, Arizona

The Owners of this single-family house down in Apache Junction, Arizona, were experiencing some problems with their slabs. The concrete slabs got cracked, and those cracks were extending in all directions. After doing some research for concrete repair companies close to Apache Junction, the Homeowners decided to move forward with AZFS based n our experience, quality, and amazing warranties.

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Why Choose Arizona Foundation Solutions?

Owner Bob Brown has had a passion for concrete repair and foundation repair since college, so in 2001 when he had the opportunity to create a business that could reflect those passions he jumped at the opportunity. Bob has always kept his formula for success simple; he believes in using high-quality, effective solutions while only hiring the most qualified experts to implement them. Those beliefs are still applied today however over the years Bob has gained experience that has made his crews more effective and the products more advanced. Bob’s philosophy has grown Arizona Foundation Solutions quite a lot over the years and has gained the national backing of Foundation Supportworks, however, the business has always remained locally owned and operated to best help the needs of homeowners in the Phoenix area.

Engineered Foundation Repair Solutions in Apache Junction

Foundation repair is a complex business - that's why you need Arizona Foundation Solutions. We leverage our team of in-house engineers to design and implement solutions custom-tailored to your home's exact needs. We are a foundation repair contractor with decades of experience working in Arizona, and we're ready to bring our expertise to your doorstep. If you've got cracks in your slab floor, sticking windows or doors, sinking areas of your home, or uneven floors, give the experts a call today! Our top-tier products and skilled repair teams will ensure that your foundation is brought back to a state of lasting stability and health. To learn more about our products and services, call us today!

Apache Junction’s Expert Concrete Repair Contractor

Concrete repair is often seen as stressful and quite a hassle however, we don’t feel like it should be. The most important factor of concrete repair is early detection because we have the best chance to find permanent and effective solutions if the issues can be caught before they become too severe. Our talented professionals are experts at not only recognizing problems early but also effectively coming up with solutions. At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we have effective, warrantied solutions for concrete repairs of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your problem. To learn more about the products only available from us and our expertise in concrete repair call or click today!

Fast & Effective Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Concrete used for walkways and driveways looks great when it is new but over time the concrete slab will eventually start to shift as the ground does. The result can look disastrous and can create a dangerous tripping hazard as well. This far cry from the originally smoothly poured concrete often leads to frustration. If you have had a similar experience with your home know that you're not alone and that you are in the right place. Our experienced crews have the knowledge and experience when it comes to the application of a revolutionary product called PolyLevel that is capable of lifting driveways, leveling sidewalks, and stabilizing concrete slabs. The process for concrete lifting and leveling begins by drilling a few small holes in the slab and then injecting the PolyLevel polymer into the hole. The polymer will mix and expand beneath the slab, raising it to the desired height and stabilizing it in the process. PolyLevel only takes about 15 minutes to dry and the product is environmentally friendly. Additionally, the PolyLevel system can be used in both interior and exterior applications, making it a highly-adaptable concrete slab leveling product. To learn more about our concrete lifting and leveling solutions call or click today!

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

Crawl spaces are prone to moisture, mold, insects, and rodent problems. Crawl space encapsulation is always a good idea because your home might otherwise be at risk of a host of moisture-related problems. In fact, crawl space moisture can affect the flooring, drywall, and insulation in the upper levels of your home. Sealing the crawl space not only prevents mold and mildew but creates a storage area and contributes to better overall home comfort and energy efficiency. Our trained crawl space repair professionals transform crawl spaces by combining effective waterproofing methods with a durable moisture barrier, effective air sealing, and high-performance insulation. The crawl space encapsulation process usually involves four steps: fix water seepage, isolate the house from the earth, seal outside air out, and dehumidify. We're long-time installers of the CleanSpace system, a transformative solution that includes an effective 20-mil thick, cord-reinforced moisture barrier that’s durable enough to withstand foot traffic - it can last as long as the house! To fix floors over the crawl space that have sagged due to moisture damage, foundation jacks can be placed to lift and stabilize beams and floor joists in the crawl space. With no mold, rot, or energy penalties, and fewer bugs and pests, a home with CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation is less expensive to own! To learn more about the benefits of our crawl space encapsulation solutions, contact Arizona Foundation Solutions, your expert Apache Junction crawl space repair contractor today! We offer free crawl space inspections and repair estimates.

Reliable & Cost-Effective Stem Wall Repair in Apache Junction

Stem walls are supporting walls that join the foundation to the vertical walls of the house. Stem wall foundations are often reinforced with rebar. A rebar is a steel bar used to reinforce concrete foundations, slabs, and walls to help strengthen them under tension. When a stem wall starts to crack, this signals a possible problem in the rebar, often oxidation. Concrete foundations with rusting or exposed rebar can crack and cause serious structural problems and leaks in basement walls or crawl spaces. NeveRust™ is a reliable, cost-effective stem wall repair solution that uses a composite material that won’t corrode. NeveRust™ stem wall repair not only restores the safety of cracked reinforced concrete foundations but also prevents the oxidization that caused the cracks in the first place. NeveRust™ stem wall repair is available exclusively from Arizona Foundation Solutions and is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty against rust. Learn more about the benefits of our stem wall repair solution by scheduling a free initial inspection and cost estimate.

Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation

You may have heard of radon gas, but you may be surprised to learn that radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that’s colorless and odorless and is produced by uranium decay in rocks and soil. When radon becomes trapped in your home, it can rise to harmful levels. The only way to know if you've got a radon problem in your home is through testing with a radon measurement specialist. Our qualified radon professionals go through extensive ongoing training in order to provide unmatched radon testing and mitigation solutions. Radon testing takes only 1 hour with help from an Arizona Foundation Solutions professional. After the air samples are collected they are sent to a lab for measurement. If the test results indicate high radon levels, your specialist will help you determine the best options for radon mitigation. Our radon mitigation process involves installing PVC piping that collects soil gases beneath your home or in your crawl space. The radon mitigation system pipes the radon gases out through a radon depressurization exhaust vent. Don’t wait to fix a potential radon problem! For more information or to schedule a radon test, contact us today.

Case Studies From Apache Junction
Cracks (interior & exterior) that are getting bigger. Homeowner concerned the damage will only get worse & impact the home’s...
The FHWA solicited a repair for the historic Apache Trail near Apache Junction, AZ. This repair called for, among other things, compaction grouting...
Work Requests From Apache Junction, AZ
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Cracks in wall and uneven floor
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Concrete patio is poured against house concrete stem and is sagging up to 3". Pictures are available.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Insulation where needed and repair vapor barrier and seal around pipes as needed
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
We have some cracks at the base of our home that need to be repaired asap.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
The foundation stem wall, most notably at the right side has horizontal cracking. We recommend further evaluation by a qualified contractor with correction as necessary. There was limited access at one or more areas to the exterior stem wall at the time of the inspection due to obstructions and/or grade height. Therefore the stem wall was not fully viewed. As a result of this condition, there may be hidden defects that were not detected at the time of the inspection. It is recommended that the storage materials and/or grade materials be removed to determine condition if client deems necessary.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Uneven squeaky floors,
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
The house was built in 1995/96. It is a single story made with integra block. We have lived in this house since it was built and many of the cracks and floor unevenness have always been here. BUT we want to ensure these cracks (new and existing) are not expanding and are not foundation-related vs normal settling? In the past, we have had varmints digging near/under the west side (courtyard area) of the house. Interior: Main concern: Two cracks in great room flooring (Saltillo tile) that run the width of the room (approx 17 ft), crack sometimes following grout line, sometimes cracking the tile. A low (non-opening window, west side) floor crack appears to extend from the floor up the drywall to the corner of the window, (this is new). (this crack does not appear on the exterior of the house.) Small, horizontal crack in fireplace mantel. Office/sewing room: uneven floor. Master bedroom: uneven floor. Exterior: Back patio: crack along Saltillo patio flooring along the house to the bottom corner of the sliding glass door. Front: vertical crack in foundation near south end of fireplace chimney. Garage: cracks in expansion floor joints
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Cracks on interior and exterior walls of house from settling. Also, front patio slab is very slanted.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Our home has shifted. Previous small repair work done by previous owner 6 years ago suddenly got wider. Like overnight a few weeks ago.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
My house has stem wall cracks
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
I am buying this property and would like to have it tested for radon before my due diligence period ends.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Recently moved from Massachusetts. Dirty and unimproved crawl space has HVAC ductwork, plumbing, etc. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm terrified to do more than just look down into it. I'm very much interested in making it clean and safe.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Have a slab that needs to be pitched away from house apx 70' long
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Laying laminate flooring over concrete. 1/4 of the room slab not level. Maybe a little over my head to attempt leveling. Need Help!
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
One sidewalk slab has sunk about an inch. Makes walking hazardous and even driving the mobility scooter over it requires slowing way down to "thump" over it.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Water seeps in through our floor in three places when it rains. We have block walls and one side of the house is underground a few feet. We would like to find the problem and get it fixed. Thanks!
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Part of our driveway is sinking and would like to find out what is involved in fixing it and also the cost involved.
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Noticed a jack laying down under the house
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Our cement patio has cracked, one corner is sinking. It is now at a slant
Project Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Aprons around home settled and heaved
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