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RK Bob Brown is a Foundation Repair Expert and the owner of Arizona Foundation Solutions. For over three decades, Bob and his team have helped tens of thousands of Arizona Homeowners fix their cracked, settling, bowing, crumbling and damaged foundations.

In this video, RK Bob Brown explains foundation heaving, a common occurrence in Arizona. Expansive clay soil veins are found in most of the state of Arizona. When wet, these clay soils tend to expand like a sponge. If it is underneath the foundation, it will expand upwards. In metro parts of Arizona, the concrete slabs aren't tied to the foundation, so the soil movement lifts them, while the foundation (concrete stem wall) remains in place.


RK Bob Brown explains that a lot of times, this foundation problem may seem like - and be confused with - foundation settlement because it appear that the lower portions in the corners are sinking, when in fact it is the middle of the slab that is heaving.


This foundation problem is often misdiagnosed, even by the most experienced contractors and structural engineers. To avoid mistakes, RK Bob Brown and his Team rely on an objective and scientific approach to foundation repair, based on a thorough evaluation using several diagnostic tools and processes

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