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Arizona Foundation Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tempe. Learn more about Arizona Foundation Solutions's recent work requests in Tempe and nearby areas!

Learn more about Arizona Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in Tempe, AZ
Vicinity of E Knox Rd in Tempe
Tiles 'popping' and cracking, concrete sidewalk near house is lifting, numerous cracks noted in house.
Vicinity of in Tempe
We had a semi back into our retaining wall while trying to get into our loading dock. It loosened the rail and broke off a chunk of concrete holding the rail in place.
Vicinity of W Lisa Ln in Tempe
Stem wall cracking and chunks falling out
Vicinity of North Scottsdale Road in Tempe
I am with Parkway construction after completing the Carvana project the building was hit buy a monsoon and the foundation may have a leek.
Vicinity of W Vera Lane in Tempe
Stem wall crack outside of living room. Crack very noticeable on the outside and on the inside of room the tile and baseboards now have a 1/2 inch separation.
Vicinity of E Aspen Dr in Tempe
Noticed cracks in the wall of the side of home, and concerned about it worsening.
Vicinity of E Greenway Dr in Tempe
Looks like my sunken living room slab has moved and shifted
Vicinity of E Gemini Dr in Tempe
I have an old pool deck and part of it has settled 1 to 1.5 inches.
Vicinity of E La Vieve Ln in Tempe
Had new windows installed and I am concerned that sealing the house up will increase our randon levels. When we keep the windows open the levels are low, but when closed we have seen some higher reading with an electronic radon sensing device.
Vicinity of E Carson Dr in Tempe
Started to notice cracks on the drywall on the ceiling and saw some outside on the brick through the grout. Would like to get an estimate to see if foundation is settling.
Vicinity of E Del Sur Drive in Tempe
Horizontal and vertical cracks along base wall of home.
Vicinity of W Magdalena Dr in Tempe
Windows unaligned, possible cracking
Vicinity of E Divot Dr in Tempe
Driveway upheaval at junction of driveway and garage opening
Vicinity of E Magdalena Dr in Tempe
House has cracks in drywall at several locations. Also, some doors stick/rub on the frame.
Vicinity of E GEMINI DR in Tempe
If its a free inspection, I would like to set up an appt asap
Vicinity of E Greentree Dr in Tempe
Vicinity of Curry in Tempe
Hi, I'm looking at an investment property that has a large crack in the floor of one of the bedrooms. Are you able to give me a a quote on repair? Thanks, Rebecca
Vicinity of Balboa Dr in Tempe
Crack in wall
Vicinity of W. SOUTHERN AVE in Tempe
Looking to seal an existing slab at expansion joints from oil and block off side walls from same
Vicinity of E SARAH LN in Tempe
We have buyers that would like to do a radon test on a home they are purchasing.
Vicinity of S Heather Dr in Tempe
Sloping issue in family room and cracks in driveway/garage.
Vicinity of E Secretariat Dr. in Tempe
Cracking foundation
Vicinity of S Mitchell Dr in Tempe
I would like to get a quote on radon gas testing. Our home has 1500 square feet. Thank you!
Vicinity of E. Alameda Dr. in Tempe
Hello, I have foundation damage I would like repaired.
Vicinity of E Secretariat Dr in Tempe
Slab concrete shows signs of heaving.
Vicinity of S Wilson St in Tempe
Our house was built in 1950. There are some concerning cracks, as well as seperating molding.
Vicinity of S Terrace Rd in Tempe
We would like someone to look at our home to see if it is settling all over or just in spots. Thank you!!
Vicinity of S. Kenneth Pl in Tempe
Sagging driveway slab that has cracked - looking for an estimate for mudjacking the slab back into place
Vicinity of in Tempe
I am the real estate agent representing the sellers on this house. The buyers inspector said we need to have the NW corner of the house looked at. We have a report from an engineer I can forward to you. We need a quote asap but the work can be done in the next couple weeks. Thanks! Carlie
Vicinity of East Knight Lane in Tempe
There is a bump where the tile is raised and feels like the ground has cracked underneath it and swelled. Worried it will crack through the tile.
Vicinity of S Heather Dr. in Tempe
Horizontal fracture seen near the root of wall
Vicinity of E Carver Rd in Tempe
The stem wall at my home appears to be cracking. I'd like to get someone to take a look at it and quote a price for repair if it is needed.

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