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Learn more about Arizona Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in Peoria, AZ
Vicinity of in Peoria
Visible exterior cracks in foundation found during landscape remodel. There is also interior drywall damage in the same area.
Vicinity of in Peoria
I just bought this home and it has shifted away from the concrete slab walkway so there's a decent 2 inch gap. Also the crawl space is so tiny and the previous owners left so much trash under there I was wondering if you guys clean crawl spaces. My air ducts down there need repair work but in order to do that I need my crawl space repaired.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Large crack in garage floor.
Vicinity of W JUDY LYNN LN in Peoria
Garage floor is uneven. It has been happening for a while. Down the center, it seems as though it is raising and sloping down toward the outside walls. The garage door doesn't exactly sit flush any more. One of the sections of the floor has a crack in it. The seams that separate the 4 floor sections are opening up, especially the one down the center.
Vicinity of N Lake Pleasant Pkwy in Peoria
Ground sunken by patio, wanting to support slab before it is damaged.
Vicinity of W CHOLLA ST in Peoria
I removed my patio outdoor carpet and see that i need patio resurface and also have some cracks that need repair.
Vicinity of W Greer Ave in Peoria
We want to level the floor in our garage, to be used as a home gym.
Vicinity of in Peoria
I'm having problems with cracked garage floor and patio. I think i have water leaking on to the slab of the home from the patio. My wood floors, when dust mopping, the mop does not move freely. Stem wall does not look good. This is a 25 year old one story home with attached garage.
Vicinity of West Cherry Hills Dr. in Peoria
Need repair of cool deck around my pool
Vicinity of W Tether Trail in Peoria
Vertical Foundation Crack need sealed.
Vicinity of W Desert Mirage Dr. in Peoria
Driveway lifted and is uneven
Vicinity of W Mauna Loa Ln in Peoria
One side of our house seems to be settling, although I think this was caused by a water leak in our irrigation system. There is cracking at the ceiling where the beams are putting pressure on the drywall. The back porch on one side has dropped significantly (2 -3 inches).
Vicinity of W Loma Ln in Peoria
Cracked tiles and ceiling in the same spot. Could be coincidence but I, checking on it.
Vicinity of in Peoria
We have a multi-level home and have noticed grout cracking & tiles separating along a similar line on multiple floors. Areas of the upstairs floor have movement. The sliding door which falls along the same line is getting more difficult to close.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Poor grading and former poorly done french drain has put a lot of moisture under garage floor
Vicinity of in Peoria
Pool deck repair
Vicinity of W. Surrey Ave in Peoria
Exterior foundation exposed wood. Looks like it was covered up and leaked through master bedroom.
Vicinity of in Peoria
We are the original owners of a home built in 2014. The builder is telling us the cracks we have are basic settling and/or result of poor tape job. We have several cracks in our windows, our exterior and our slab and would like to get a professional opinion
Vicinity of W Buckskin Trl in Peoria
We noticed a few tiles are loose, grout was broken, a few more tiles seem to be displaced. Need inspection/review.
Vicinity of W Irma Lane in Peoria
Crack in slab running through living room. Looking to sell home want to be sure there are no existing foundation issues that need to be addressed.
Vicinity of W Roy Rogers Rd in Peoria
I live in a fairly new build and the foundation seems to be shifting more than what is within reason. Multiple cracks showing on the inside of the home and doors are rubbing.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Sidewalk area from driveway has settled creating about a 1.5 to 2" drop. Can forward photos if needed
Vicinity of in Peoria
Just want a quick standard estimate for rain gutters: -75ft long run from back of house to front -1 downspout at end, 1 downspout in middle to rain barrel
Vicinity of W Gold Dust Ave in Peoria
I've got several new stress cracks and a bulge in my hall floor. I just noticed those 2 issues when I came back from Ireland at the end of May. I can't remember some of the cracks or the bulge before I left. In addition, I've had to have a handyman fix my front door twice in the past year so the lock mechanisms would hit the striker plate correctly. How much is the inspection fee?
Vicinity of W Acoma Dr in Peoria
We are remodeling our home. In the process, we noticed a crack after all flooring was removed. Before we go any farther, we need to know if foundation repair is necessary. Thank you, Bill Blackford
Vicinity of W Pinnacle Peak Road in Peoria
I have cupping and staining in my wood floors. After a moisture test the slab is 100% saturated in an area. I have had the plumbing lines tested and there are zero leaks.
Vicinity of in Peoria
House is sinking
Vicinity of in Peoria
We recently discovered a slab leak and subsequent cracking throughout our ground floor tiles radiating from the leak location as well as buckling and cracking drywall.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Vicinity of W Redfield Road in Peoria
Have cracks in concrete driveway and would like to know if these are repairable. I have LOST MY VOICE and cannot talk, so please just text or email me at this time whether this is something your company does.
Vicinity of in Peoria
I have cracks in my patio and elevation changes that I need smoothed for insurance.
Vicinity of W Morrow Dr in Peoria
44" wide sidewalk slabs are setttling causing awkward passage and water ponding
Vicinity of W Mary Ann Dr in Peoria
Our living room floor has sunk down from the stem walls. The worst area is a corner and has about a 1.5 inch gap from the baseboards. The gaps run in both directions for about 20 feet.
Vicinity of W Saddlehorn Rd in Peoria
New home ... cracking tiles
Vicinity of W Karen Lee Ln in Peoria
I have a pre-existing partial basement with stairwell! I will complete the basement with walls and floor 43'x20'x9' with a Glendale Permit. I need HELP !!!!
Vicinity of W. Lariat Ln in Peoria
The slab outside of our sliding door in the backyard is lifting and sinking. We believe it is due to tree roots. We would like to see if we can get it fixed.
Vicinity of W Seldon in Peoria
Need an estimate for replacing a post tensioned cable that got cut while redoing bathroom New home, thenshort end popped out 3 inches
Vicinity of W Bajada in Peoria
Tree roots lifted driveway. Tree has been removed.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Had a slab leak and floor is heaving, cracking floors and walls.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Our house is approximately 1-1/2 years old. Post tension slab. We have several cracks on the interior and exterior of the house. There is also small vertical cracks in the foundation. We had to have a door adjusted 1/4 inch just to open and close it. The builder repaired one severe crack he had in the garage but they dismissed it as normal. This isn't normal. I really want to get my house evaluated so I can correct the issues and put the house on the market.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Slab on back patio is sinking
Vicinity of in Peoria
Cracks in kitchen window showed up and floor feels uneven. Went to caulk windows and larg gaps and unity room sliding doors won't close correctly
Vicinity of in Peoria
Cracks on exterior foundation walls, in garage flooring and interior walls, starting at window corner and extending 12 inches.
Vicinity of W Joan De Arc Ave in Peoria
Crack in foundation
Vicinity of West Sandra Terrace in Peoria
Major holes near a sidewalk sinking going to our front door. Issues with front door. Hole starting in back near water hose is kept.
Vicinity of in Peoria
We have areas of the sidewalks on our property that are uneven and we need to see if someone can come out and possibly give us a bid for mudjacking the areas.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Vicinity of in Peoria
I believe there is heaving going on with the slab in my garage. I would like an inspection.
Vicinity of in Peoria
I would like to get an estimate for a crack along exterior wall of house.
Vicinity of in Peoria
Crack found on exterior foundation from one end of house to another.
Vicinity of W. Emile Zola Ave in Peoria
Crack showing in exterio stucco of house and retaining wall cracked too.
Vicinity of W Golden Ln in Peoria
We have a crack that runs from the master bedroom across the hallway into the other bedroom' closet. There is also a crack in the master bedroom's closet. The crack in our concrete slab is about 1/3 " long.

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