Vapor Transmission

Vapor Transmission Repair in Arizona

Causes and solution for moisture coming through your concrete slab

Damp slab floor

Excess moisture caused by vapor transmission was ruining the floor in this Phoenix home.

Slab-on-grade foundations are common in Arizona and so are slab moisture problems. The problem is made worse when tile flooring or carpeting is placed on top of the concrete slab, trapping the moisture underneath. Early signs of a moisture problem can include loose flooring, carpet staining, dampness and musty odors. Excess moisture can also damage the concrete itself. But what causes it? The simple explanation: too much moisture in or below the concrete slab.

If you have moisture coming through your concrete floor, contact the experts at Arizona Foundation Solutions to request an inspection and estimate for repair.

What is vapor transmission?

A difference in pressure in the concrete and the air above will cause water vapor within the slab or the soil below to migrate to the surface of the concrete slab, where it evaporates, causing dampness – this process is known as vapor transmission. 

Excess moisture in a slab-on-grade usually originates from three sources:

  • Ground water from a high water table
  • Remaining water in or below the slab from the construction process
  • Irrigation systems or damaged pipes

While a high moisture content in the concrete itself can cause issues, it's the movement of moisture through the concrete, or vapor transmission, that causes a majority of the problems we experience.

DIY tips to reduce moisture and prevent damage

A major concern with slab foundations is how to keep them dry and reduce the vapor transmission. There are a few simple measures that homeowners can take to help prevent water and moisture damage:

Ensure proper drainage

  • Keep gutters and downspouts free of dirt and other debris.
  • Direct downspouts away from the house.
  • Slope yard away from the foundation.

Fix water leaks

  • Repair any leaking pipes.
  • Fix cracked caulking and gaps around windows, doors and stucco.
  • Inspect the roof for missing, loose or damaged shingles.

How we solve deeper vapor transmission problems

The typical method for treating sub-slab moisture involves removing any floor coverings and cabinetry and treating the concrete surface with a sealant or installing a vapor barrier underneath the flooring. This process is both expensive and disruptive and it's typically not a permanent solution. Applying a sealant or vapor barrier restricts the movement of moisture, preventing the slab from drying.

Arizona Foundation Solutions offers a proven slab drying solution. Our MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System uses a fan and plastic pipe to create suction and air movement underneath the slab – similar to how a radon mitigation system works. This helps stop the movement of moisture from the soil through the concrete slab and removes excess moisture from the concrete. The MoistureLevel system is an effective solution to vapor transmission – stopping the problem at the source.

Get an estimate for moisture vapor transmission repair today

If you're looking for a way to fix your damp concrete slab and reduce vapor transmission, Arizona Foundation Solutions is your local expert in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale and and nearby in Arizona. Call 1-602-598-5603 to schedule an inspection and get a cost estimate today.

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