MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System

Preventing Expansive Soils in Arizona

MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System for foundation heave & more

Prevent Expansive Soils in Greater Phoenix

MoistureLevel® regulates soil moisture to protect against expansive soils and over-drying.

While foundation heave and expansive soils can be difficult to diagnose, it is important to prevent these issues by eliminating soil moisture.

Luckily, Arizona Foundation Solutions has developed the MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System, which was designed to alleviate expansive soils beneath concrete slab foundations!

To learn more about the MoistureLevel® system, schedule a free estimate today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Arizona.

How we prevent expansive soils

Prevent Expansive Soils in Greater Phoenix

Our system is more effective than other foundation heave repair methods.

The MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System borrows from reliable radon mitigation technology, using a vacuum and ventilation pipe to create air movement as well as suction on the under-slab soil. Introducing outside air to the damp, expansive soils causes evaporation to take place, making it possible to reduce soil moisture and as a result, damaging soil expansion.

We use the dry air to collect moisture and then vent it out the stack. As the soil becomes drier, it begins to suck the moisture out of the adjacent clays. When clays begin to dry out, they develop cracks, which then dries out the soil near the crack. This causes the expansion to deepen and make more cracks, continuing a self-reinforcing cycle. Over time, the clays begin to lose their moisture and cease to expand and in many cases reverse.

Click here to learn more about the MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System [PDF]

Long-lasting moisture protection

The MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System has protections to minimize any over-drying near the footing area. It also has a smart mechanism that monitors the soil moisture content and regulates the drying to protect from over-drying.

The system is easy to install, usually taking less than a day. MoistureLevel® is also the more affordable option, costing 1/10th less than other, faulty heave control methods and have the following benefits:

  • It controls the moisture of clays under the slab on a continuing basis, providing better long-term confidence than other repair methods
  • It regulates your home's indoor air quality, reducing ground-penetrating pollutants like Radon and other harmful gasses
  • It prevents wet slab issues, including delaminating tile, mold growth, and slab curling
  • Since it removes moisture from underneath the slab, there is also unconfirmed evidence that it also prevents termites

Click here to learn more about the Development and Engineering Aspects of the AZFS MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System [PDF]

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Want to prevent costly foundation damage by eliminating soil moisture issues? Arizona Foundation Solutions developed the MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System to do just that!

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