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Concrete Stem Wall Repair Before & After Photos

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Gilbert, AZ Stem Wall Repair

This Gilbert, AZ home, built in 1995 was in need of a stem wall repair. The area around the deteriorated stem wall was excavated. We then chipped back the stem wall until good concrete was reached. Arizona Foundation Solutions Removed existing rebar and replaced it with NEVERRUST non-ferrous composite. We patched the area with a cement patch and the area that had been dug out was then backfilled to finish out the job! 

Scottsdale Stem Wall Repair

The stem wall of this late 1970’s home began to crack and flake. They were very worried about their house and contacted us to get the problem fixed. Our stem wall repair team was able to make the stem look brand new and put the homeowner’s mind at ease.  

Peoria, AZ NeveRust™ Install

The stem wall on this Peoria, AZ home was showing signs of failure. The existing rebar was causing the stem was to flake and crack, the Homeowner decided to call Arizona Foundation solutions. Our stem wall repair crew installed the NeveRust™ Stem Wall Repair System.



Stem Wall Repair - Chandler, AZ

The stem wall at the Chandler home began to flacking and cracking. This was due to the rebar becoming oxidized and weakening the concrete around it. We came in and installed our patented NEVERUST non-ferrous composite.


Foreman: David Bickers

Stem Wall Repair - Chandler, AZ

Our expert stem wall repair crew fixed this stem wall with our patented NEVERUST non-ferrous composite.


Foreman: David Bickers 


Consultant: Murel Kidd

Total Before & After Sets: 208

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