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Daisy Perez

Arizona Foundation Solutions

Title: Production Coordinator
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Daisy Perez from Arizona Foundation Solutions

Daisy Perez, hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, brings her enthusiasm and dedication to her role as a Production Coordinator at Arizona Foundation Solutions (AZFS). With two months under her belt, Daisy's positive impact and eagerness to learn have already begun to shine.


As a Production Coordinator, Daisy contributes to the seamless orchestration of AZFS's operations, and her testimonial reflects her enthusiasm for working with a team passionate about enhancing customers' lives. Her swift integration into the AZFS family is underscored by her sense of belonging and anticipation of making a meaningful contribution.


While her career in the foundation industry is just beginning, Daisy's prior experience in the field of Student Transportation reflects her versatility and her readiness to embrace new challenges. Her dedication to learning is apparent, mirroring her commitment to professional growth within the industry.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Daisy's interests paint a colorful picture of her life. Her love for concerts, travel, and cherished family moments highlights her vibrant nature and zest for life. A captivating detail about Daisy is her adventurous spirit – having ventured into the depths of the ocean through sea trekking, she has walked among the mesmerizing marine life that inhabits our oceans.


Daisy Perez's early journey at AZFS is marked by her eagerness to learn and her dedication to creating a positive impact. Her diverse interests and willingness to embrace new experiences enrich the team's dynamics and foster a vibrant work environment. With her growing presence at AZFS, Daisy is poised to contribute meaningfully to the organization's mission and success.

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