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Foundation Repair & Real Estate FAQ: Fix My Foundation Now or Wait? | Arizona Foundation Solutions

In this video, RK Bob Brown answers a frequently asked question from Homeowners considering listing their home for sale with a Real Estate Agent. 

"Should I fix the foundation on my house now, or wait until I list the house for sale?"

 According to Foundation Repair RK Bob Brown, the sooner you fix the foundation, the better off you will be and for two main reasons:

1. Foundation problems always get worse overtime. The more you wait, the more complicated and expensive will be the foundation repair.

2. When it comes to foundation repair, it is always better if you have a few years of documented history to prove the effectiveness of the repair. From a prospective home buyer standpoint, it is better if you can show them that the foundation was repaired some years ago and has been performing well ever since, as opposite to telling them that you just fixed it a few weeks back and that they "should be fine" from then on.

Whether you are selling your home, or plan to live in it your entire life, foundation repair is always an investment that shouldn't be postponed. If you are looking for a reputable company to inspect and fix any type of foundation problem, Arizona Foundation Solutions has you covered. We also provide a transferable warranty with our work, so when the home is sold, the warranty can be transferred.


*RK Bob Brown is a Foundation Repair Expert and the owner of Arizona Foundation Solutions. For over three decades, RK Bob Brown and his Team have helped tens of thousands of Arizona Homeowners fix their cracked, settling, bowing, crumbling and damaged foundations.

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